Thursday, October 27, 2011

Status Update For Buddy

Buddy-Cloots-Baby has been living comfortably next door since her cat-fight and neck injury. Her sutures are dissolved, her fur is growing back, and the vet said she’ll soon forget her former life as an adventurous outdoor kitty. Buddy-Bud (as my neighbor’s been calling her) has the run of a large uncluttered house with plenty of places to play and explore. She has toys. She eats home-cooked beef and chicken in addition to her favorite dry cat food. There’s no doubt that Buddy-Bud is happier living with Mary Ellen than with my family.  She’s no longer living the life of a tormented Cinderella forced to deal with the daily hissy fits of two mean feline step-sisters (Jellie and Scratch).  Life is good.

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