Tuesday, June 7, 2011

D-A-S-H Water: Très Cher Très Chic

Q: Who spends $10.00 (plus tax) for a bottle of water? 
A:  A Kardashian fan enjoying a close Kardashian encounter of the second kind.
Note: A Close Kardashian Encounter of the First Kind is an encounter via the media (e.g. ancient or digital). A Close Kardashian Encounter of the Second Kind is an encounter via product purchase (at a DASH store or online).  A Close Kardashian Encounter of the Third Kind is seeing any of the Fab Four (Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, Kris) up close and personal.

Anyway, back to the water. Last week a co-worker and I walked to DASH NYC for a quickie lunchtime adventure.  We perused the wares, tried on garments, and chatted happily all the while. I purchased a bottle of water with the DASH logo on the outside and a Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney pic on the inside.  Our return to the office was nearly as much fun as the adventure. I showed off my water bottle; and as I sipped the clean, clear, yummy H2O, I repeatedly expressed my delight.  Lots of laughter filled the airwaves.

So… was my DASH water worth $10.89 (tax included)? Yes indeed. A friendly lunchtime frolic with one of my favorite co-workers, the protracted enjoyment of my Kardashian memento (still not recycled), and the lighthearted energy that lingered was, without doubt so worth it.

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