Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 Years Of Marital Bliss?

Who among us can claim 25 years of non-stop marital bliss? Surely not anyone I know, including myself. Marriage is a challenging union between two diverse souls who’ve joined hands, hearts, pocketbooks, and lives.  It’s no wonder so many marriages fail with the bevy of complications that naturally arise. Finances, in-laws, health crises, children, and personal issues too often raise their ugly heads and conspire against even the hardiest of couples.

In just a few days, my honey and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We’ve faced our share of challenges (to date) and thank Goddess we’re happily intact. During the most trying times, we barely held onto ourselves and our marriage for dear life as the whirlwind of living tossed us from here to there. I dedicate this blog and all of the contents herein to my sweet husband of 25 interesting years.  May we be resilient and come through the next 25 years with abundance and grace.

Good luck to married folks in every corner of the globe. May you find happiness, harmony, peace, and roses as you journey through life’s garden – and find it as prick-free as you can imagine.

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  1. Congratulations you two! What a brilliant achievement, I hope you celebrate it in true Goddess style. You're right, it's hard, but oh-so-worth it. Love, love, love the term 'Thank Goddess' - I shall be using that from now on ;)