Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventures With Debra

I lovingly refer to my BFF Debra as Good Time Debbie; because wherever Debbie goes, a good time always follows. Deb and I have been known to go off in search of adventure and fun at the drop a hat. The abbreviated list that follows contains some highlights of what we’ve enjoyed since the Summer Solstice (June 2010).

** Sharing Shamanic Journeys and Meditations under the stars with and without fire ceremonies. ** Demonstrating for clean energy with Hands Across the Sand in NYC. ** Viewing Peregrine Falcons high atop 101 Hudson Street in Jersey City. We brought our binoculars and got a bird’s eye view. ** Celebrating birthdays, Solstices, Equinoxes, and eclipses with the Gopis (our spiritual gal pals).  ** Honoring Dada J. P. Vaswani's Birthday at the Hotel Crowne Plaza in Secaucus which included a special Krisha Das kirtan. We manifested seats in the 2nd row (center) in a crowd of about 1500 people. ** Facilitating the release of a juvenile Bald Eagle back into the wild. ** Our most recent adventure (just 3 days ago) was attending a Solara An-Ra workshop called “Opening to Channel” with old friends and new.

Cultivate and value your friendships because they’re as important as you can imagine. If everyone in the world (and beyond) had a friend like Debra, who is way more dear to me than just a good time, the world would be a safer, happier, more loving place.


  1. awwwww...thanks so sweet :D

  2. I am so fortunate to have gotten to know Debbie in NJ before moving to Florida and I am sad in that I only had a short time to be close to her. Gail you are also a great friend to all, thank you both for being in my world .....all my love xoxoxoxoxoxoxo hold those hugs for at least 20 seconds each it is truly amazing.