Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10-10-10 Manifesting The Manifestable

On Sunday October 10, 2010 (a most auspicious date for energy enthusiasts and numerologists), I attended a 10-10-10 Gathering. The eldest of our group (The Yoga Teacher) hosted the event; and in addition to introducing a Unity Consciousness Meditation, she played the crystal bowls.

The meditation was challenging as my generally active mind wandered. The bowls sang a song with a frequency that deeply resonated from my root chakra to my crown chakra. I was drawn into the kind of deep meditation that yoga practitioners long to be in… someplace between here and there.   

My return  to consciousness was accompanied by unanticipated thoughts of fruited crumb cake from Gencarelli’s Bakery.  Group discussion followed the meditation; and when that was done, our hostess served a cake that one of our group members (Denise) brought. Needless to say, the bakery cake was none other than Gencarelli’s Blueberry Crumb. 

And so it was… a divine manifestation, a vision of the future, or just good fortune?

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