Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adult Classics – Part One

The Golden Age of Porn refers to the time period (late 60’s through mid 80’s) in which the adult film genre entered mainstream consciousness.  Earlier X-rated films were heavy on the X and light on story, technique, art, and decorum. They were regularly watched at stag parties (now called Bachelor parties) as a prelude to exotic dancers. Civilized women didn’t watch porn then; it was a guy thing. Then along came the movie Deep Throat (Gerard Damiano 1972) starring the late Linda Lovelace; and porn chic was born. It didn’t last long, but what I loved most about the era was the rise of Porn Queens (e.g. Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Veronica Hart, Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, and Seka) the likes of which no longer exist.

Classic adult films are available online and may add a little pizzazz to your repertoire of sexy activities if you’re into enjoying or exploring them. Excessive porn, like excessive anything, isn’t generally a good thing. And of course, if your partner doesn't wish to partake, by all means don’t ever insist. Mutual fun is the key to everything. There are many classic adult films that are better than others if you’re up for it.

Centerfold Fever (Richard Milner 1981) starring Samantha Fox and Tiffany Clark is an upbeat film about the search for the perfect model. B. Bola, Kandi Barbour, Lisa Be, Marc “10 ½” Stevens, and Ron Jeremy round out the all-star cast.  Ron’s reality-show fans might love to see him with a full head of hair and six-pack abs. The film is not known for its great dialogue or artistic brilliance. It is, however, comedic and fun to watch (most of the time).

You can expect to see * lots of graphic sex scenes * small natural breasts * large natural breasts * hairy vulvas and their male counterparts (mostly not well coiffed) * no unusual piercings * few tattoos * scary looking dildos * lots of projectile cum shots * and more brunettes than blondes. The hottest segment of Centerfold Fever is a panoramic Female Orgy inter-cut with scenes of Marc Stevens performing a live sex show with Jill Monroe.  Steamy. Steamy. Steamy. Remember, Centerfold Fever is not anything like Sex And The City – Gone Wild. This is the real deal, hard core, explicit porn. Viewer Beware.  

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