Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Goddess Guide To Watching And Enjoying Adult Films -Ways And Means

There are various approaches to watching and enjoying X-rated movies.  Needless to say, the better the film, the better the overall experience; and as some of you may already know, not all adult films are created equally. Moreover, the way you watch is as important as what you watch. Here are the Goddess Guidelines should you care to indulge:

  • Watch alone with or without your favorite hand or vibrator.
  • Watch with a lover.
  • Watch the film with the sound on.
  • Watch the film with the sound off. Keep your eyes on the visuals and your ears on your favorite genre of music; a cd player is good and an adjacent TV that’s set to cable music channels is an alternative.
  • Watch for educational purposes to get sexy ideas.
  • Watch with prurient interest to get your juices flowing.
  • Watch as foreplay or sex play.
  • One of you can watch and describe what’s happening on screen to an eyes-closed partner (a blindfold might be fun too).
  • Viewing players can act out scenes when motivated.
  • Discussing a scene either partner finds interesting, sexy, awful, or whatever makes for good conversation.
  • Conversation is always desirable.
  • Watch your movie with the sound on one day and without sound another. Discuss which way works better.
  • If either of you have never watched an adult movie, it’s especially important to have a good film choice (one that won’t make your skin crawl or completely offend your sensibilities).
  • If you can’t take the close-ups, you can look away, close your eyes, or find some other distraction that your partner will enjoy.
  • Understand from the get go, you’re watching pornography/erotica (choose the term you prefer).  An adult film, even the best one on the market, should never be appraised in the same mindset as an Oscar nominee. Don’t expect Martin Scorsese as far as directors go; and certainly don’t expect Sandra Bullock or Jamie Foxx in the acting department.  There are a number of adult films, however, starring real actors; these are generally among the best choices.
  • Be sure to keep your adult movie stash safely away from curious children whose should be watching Disney rather than Joone.


  1. dear EG,

    regarding this, 'and certainly don’t expect Sandra Bullock or Jamie Foxx in the acting department', well, this isn't always true. watch kami andrews in big wet asses 8, or the tory lane pov alley part in titty sweat and you will see true acting, greater than the average sandra bullock / julia roberts skills.

    as for the black component, i'd rather make out with LT or prince yahshua than with jamie foxx...

    working between other jobs in the adult cinema reviewing business, thus staying close with the adult movies history continuously developing, i can tell you with great expertise (having seen an estimated 6,000 x-vids) that kerkove's 2003 juggernauts is the best made pornvid ever - with standards then not touched by far from the likes of joone and other soft-puffed porn directors. joone is a playboy magazine style director. there are too much of them. i prefer directors like jay sin, jake malone or jonni darkko. their work value the true right stuff of porn.

    a true porn star who is so human, skilled, talented, charismatic and charming as well, to me that would be flower tucci. don't mind her cellulite thighs, focus on her personality, watch her multitasking...

    i close this one-time comment by saluting john stagliano, patrick collins and larry flynt - the three men I admire most: father, son, and the holy ghost of porn!

    eva surga, catsociety.

  2. Dear Eva,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I too admire Larry Flynt for his commitment and courage. He and Al Goldstein paved the way for much of the freedom we enjoy today. As for great porn actresses, I'm still a fan of Samantha Fox Veronica Hart, and Annette Haven.