Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kissing 301: Making Out

Making out is a superlative kissing technique. A make 0ut session generally includes prolonged, intimate, mouth-to-mouth contact administered passionately. The touching of supplementary body parts (reciprocated or not) is normally part of these oral festivities. Skilled maker outers understand the importance of including erogenous zones (EZs) in the make out mix because they understand that EZs are filled with nerve endings that heighten arousal. When a make out session commences foreplay with intent to consummate a sexual act, extensive contact with at least one partner’s erogenous zones are more likely get participants from Point A (arousal) to Point B (bliss).

The potency of erogenous zones is variable. While some individuals are turned on when their EZs are kissed, nibbled, licked, touched, and/or caressed; others are completely turned off. Trial and error are necessary to determine what works and what doesn’t. Common female EZs (beyond the genitalia) include ears, neck, nipples, breasts, and inner thighs. See for ideas.

Common male EZs (all secondary to the almighty penis) include scalp, lips, small of the back, and perineum. Though men are generally penis driven, they do respond to and enjoy the stimulation of other less celebrated EZs. See for pointers (pun intended).

The overall vitality of an intimate relationship (e.g. marriage) can be assessed by the amount, nature, and duration of kissing that occurs on a regular basis. Couples whose kissing repertoire consists of brief pecks on the cheek or mouth may be in trouble. There are, however, couples with an active sex life who avoid kissing for reasons only they are privy to. Perhaps one partner has bad breath or gingivitis. Whatever the reason, the particulars of making out (or not) is based on personal preferences that should always be respected in a relationship.

My daily, weekly, and monthly kissing encounters have increased dramatically since my goddess days began to unfold. There’s always daily pecking, even under the worst conditions (infrequent marital discord and hospitalization included). Five to Ten second kissing by and large gives rise (no pun intended) to making out which is either enjoyed as an act in itself or as the beginning of other carnal creations. I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. ~ Chinese Proverb

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