Monday, September 28, 2009

Kissing 101: The Basics

When your five senses are fully engaged during any activity, you can be sure that whatever it is you’re doing will be enhanced immeasurably. If kissing is the activity, you can bet your sweet bippy that you’re onto something amazing. A fully loaded sensual kiss that utilizes tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing will undoubtedly make the difference between a very nice kiss and a knock-your-socks-off- this-could-be-the-start-of-something-extraordinary kiss.

Dr. Laura Berman, the Birds and the Bees Guru of the Oprah Show, appeared on a segment about sex appeal. She alleged that “couples who kiss and cuddle regularly are eight times less likely to be stressed and depressed than couples who don’t.” Moreover, “how often a couple kisses determines the happiness of the relationship.” Clearly, anything less than a ten second peck doesn’t count. When asked, about a third of the audience admitted to a daily ten second kiss. Oprah proudly disclosed that her minimum daily kiss quotient is about twenty-seven seconds. (You go girl!)

Men have testosterone, the hormone that fuels the sex drive, in their saliva. As such, kissing a man deeply, passionately, and (most important) moistly ensures the transfer of testosterone and results in a libidinous boost to receiving partners.

It was time for my own research. So up to the nookie nook I went with my husband (the research subject). After the prerequisite verbal foreplay (I nearly always require), I hit the green go button on the cd player where Love Is Space by Deva Premal was already in position. I initiated a kiss and began to mentally count the seconds: “one one thousand, two one thousand,” and so forth until it became too difficult to concentrate on counting. I fixed my eyes on the clock in view and took note of the starting time. The second kiss lasted one minute and 40 seconds… and it was GOOOOD. That kiss, like the overture of a Tony Award Winning Broadway Show, was in fact the beginning of something spectacular. Once in the groove and without the distraction of clock watching, my research subject and I commenced our own smash hit… and as Rachel Ray would say… YUMMO!

A ten second or more kiss (daily or otherwise) can be like the shot that goes off as a race begins. Whether you’re looking forward to a sprint, a hurdle, or a marathon is a matter of time, energy, and/or opportunity.

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