Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Attitude Is Everything

A health crisis or chronic condition is sure to put the kibosh on even the most delightful intimate relationship. As mentioned in a previous blog post, my sex life and libido took a drastic turn away from health and happiness when an unexpected and unwelcome medical scare usurped my conjugal bed.

Trying to ameliorate an anemic libido doesn't come easily. Timing, like attitude, is everything. My beloved husband and I ventured upstairs to our sacred tantric paradise, following his invitation, where I soon came up with a new game. (Newcomers Note: I promote the playing of sensual games as a means of erotic entertainment and as an antidote for connubial boredom.)

The rules of The Blood Pressure Game are easy to follow. The equipment is minimal yet the results are substantial. The object of the game is to overcome a fearful juncture while having a really fun time frolicking in the flesh.

Get out your Omron Ultra Compact Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (if you have one) or any other blood pressure monitoring device you might have on hand. If neither you nor your lover has ever had any concerns about blood pressure, you might want to purchase a BP monitor since the game is that much fun.

Take each other’s blood pressure before, during, and after your favorite sensual activity. Keep track of whether or not blood pressure readings go up or down. Be advised that changing positions (e.g. lying down, sitting up, one partner on top of the other, etc) may affect the reading. Do this with as many different activities as you like and continue for as long as you wish. Feel free to forget about the blood pressure monitoring at any point during the game and focus your attention elsewhere.

Anyone who thinks this game is totally warped and/or perverse is free to play something else. This game, however, demonstrates the extent to which attitude can change everything. Throw in a little creativity and voila… magic. The Blood Pressure Game made my honey and I laugh and quite possibly got us over the hump (no pun intended) of our shared angst.

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