Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Autumn is officially upon us, however, the remnants of summer (my favorite season) remain a while longer. I love the warm weather, in part, for the abundance of attention-grabbing visuals peeking out from bodies unencumbered by clothes and shoes. Greenwich Village, NoHo, and Soho (where I’m happily employed) is always teeming with an interesting array of tattoos and toes.

Body art is plentiful and seemingly mainstream these days. Tatoos creatively express individuality and are best enjoyed without judgment, a task easier said than done. I still remember a drop-dead gorgeous woman conservatively dressed with a thick black zipper tattoo up each arm from wrist to elbow. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder.

There were fewer sandals on Broadway this week – gradually replaced by the latest closed-in footwear. I find looking down at people’s feet irresistible. It’s not that I have a foot fetish.  I’m not turned on by feet in a turned-on sense. I’m simply fascinated by the extraordinary assortment of toes. I wonder if anyone else has noticed that some the most beautiful women have the most unexpected toes.

Although I resist the change of seasons with a less than happy attitude (winter is my least favorite season), I will continue to enjoy the art show on the streets of New York City before cold weather hides everything under wraps of cloth, fur, and leather.

Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.  ~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. I do miss the autumn in NYC, we get a taste of it here in Los Angeles, a dieter's portion of fall. The breeze at night makes me feel the season as it sweeps through my hair. I can almost imagine that intoxicating aroma of wood burning and amber colored leaves scattered about. However,I do not miss January.

  2. Mental note to myself: Remember Thoreau's quote in January and February!

    Thank you Rose for your comment. I love comments and so rarely get them.


  3. So interesting about toes - I check then out too! My Dad is a cobbler and he had a factory at the back of his house when we were kids so we saw lots of customers coming in to have their feet measured - the variety is incredible! I'll never forget this immaculately dressed older lady who could not out her feet flat from years of being a sexy housewife in stilettos - her achillie tendon was so short because she never ever wore flat shoes. My Dad helped her out with an orthopedic pair and she was so grateful. Note to young girls - give your feet a rest from those crazy skyscraper heels! :)

  4. I recall a time period some years ago when the health hazards of high heels, pointy toe boxes, and wedges came under medical scrutiny. Shoe fashion seemed to take a turn towards comfort. Of course, that was temporary. I was (a little) surprised when stilettos with uber pointy toes made a recent comeback... and those high heeled wedgie Gaga shoes! I can't even wear them in my wildest fantasies; they make me dizzy!