Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celebrity Goddess vs. Everyday Goddess

We see them in abundance on the big and small screen, in the media, and seemingly everywhere; they're Celebrity Goddesses. They’re often intelligent, talented, and charming. They’re always dressed to the nines with perfect makeup to showcase their beauty.  They work very hard; they’re ON whenever they’re in public. They pay a high price for their celebrity; they have no privacy.

I love watching Celebrity Goddesses. My favorites include Oprah, Lisa Ling, Ann Curry, Angelina Jolie, Lady GaGa, and the Kardashians. I rejoice in the joys of celebrity goddessness; I learn valuable lessons from them. There are obvious down-sides to celebrity. They’re rarely alone publicly; they need an entourage and security. The paparazzi stalk them and wait in evil anticipation of an ugly shot in which they’re caught without make-up or with dimpled thighs on the beach.

We, the Everyday Goddesses of the planet here, there, and everywhere go through life unnoticed and unstalked by the media or crazy fans. We are free to go to the store without makeup, in sweats, and with bad hair. We can freely enjoy life and share our light with little muss or fuss.

I enjoy all Goddesses for they evoke the energies of the Divine Feminine, each in our own way.

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