Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spreadable Edibles

Imagine a sweet, creamy spread made of 57% pulverized cookies, brown sugar, and a few splashes of canola oil. Biscoff Spread (BS), made without any nut products whatsoever, has the velvety consistency of smooth peanut butter. Allergy sensitive consumers should be wary as there’s wheat and soy contained therein; and BS is packed in a facility where Tree Nuts are processed. That being said, Biscoff Spread is a yummy European peanut butter alternative… great on toast, as a dip for fruit, served warm over ice cream, or better yet as a spread on your lover’s nether body parts. Lovers who love to inspire and tickle their taste buds with new and yummy treats during oral recreation would love this sweet- smooth-scrumptiously-sensual sensation. It’s unclear who would enjoy the experience more: the giver or the receiver.

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