Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beach House Fun

My sweetheart and I are in the Hamptons enjoying a dual purpose romantic get-away. We're staying at the home of honeymooning friends and taking care of their two (very big) dogs and two (rarely seen) kitties. The weather has been lacking sunshine, but we're enjoying beach house pleasures such as an outdoor shower, hot tub, and pool. Fortunately, I have access to a laptop without which I would have surely gone mad.  My social media habit has increased exponentially and I'm beginning to think I'll need rehab upon my return to the mainland. 

The division of culinary labor is just to my liking.  My darling is responsible for feeding all humans, canines, and felines. My desire to cook has not yet kicked in.  I'm awaiting a magically motivating event which could come any day now thanks to Twitter friend Christie, a foodie from Down Under, who has a mouth watering website called Fig & Cherry. I just signed up for her newsletter which should begin arriving shortly. Click the blue link provided (at the end of this paragraph) and perhaps you'll be motivated to try her recipes before me Fig & Cherry.

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  1. Hey there Everyday Goddess,
    Very glad to hear you are taking a lovely break! If your hubby feels like something sweet (other than you!), he should try making my Free form fig tart as a treat for you. Only a few ingredients and super easy. Substitute any ripe Summer fruits you find at the local market (peaches, strawberries etc). (http://www.figandcherry.com/recipes/sweet-treats/free-form-fig-and-hazelnut-tart-recipe/)
    Have a great trip!