Saturday, July 24, 2010

When Life Hands You Limes, Make Margaritas

My husband’s childhood friend Joe has an annual Memorial Day party. This year while chatting with ComputerKarmaSteve (originally a friend of a friend of somebody’s) I was asked a rather unsettling (but logical) question. “How many people read your blog?”

I hung my head in shame and explained that my Google Ad Sense account (statistics tracker) was disabled for various transgressions pertaining to sexual content, links and language. How was my loving intention and sense of humor so misunderstood by Google, the search engine I’ve loved exclusively since the beginning of my Internet days? At any rate, it got me thinking. I have no idea how many (or for that matter if any) people are reading my beloved blog. As ComputerKarmaSteve’s most unnerving question rewinds and replays in my head, I think, “If nobody’s reading, then why continue?”

Perhaps my time would be better spent learning the Hanuman Chalisa or finally working the exercise dvd I got last Christmas: Bollywood Booty with 4 booty-burning dance workouts. My booty could sure use some burning. Maybe the story of my awakening into Goddessness and its resulting ticket to marital bliss has run its course; or am I simply in a state of data deprivation depression?

I’ll have to review and rethink my aspirations. It might be time to give up blogging and find another endeavor. I could complete the thought process I began in the blogosphere and have it printed in some form. It would make a great 25th wedding anniversary gift for my sweetheart (2011)… a gift to remind us of the glory days we spent in Goddessland.

If this isn’t a great way to process my data deprivation challenge such that I’m at peace whether I continue my blog or not, I don’t know what is. The only thing that can improve my mood is a fresh pitcher of very limey Margaritas. I feel a cocktail hour coming on? Cheers!

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