Monday, September 7, 2009

Vibrators And Sex Toys

If you live in New York City, a tasteful adult toy store is probably only a subway or bus ride away. If you live in a suburb, however, or a remote city (especially one with a conservative orientation), you’re less likely to find such an establishment anywhere nearby. Fortunately for shoppers who want them, vibrators and sex toys are readily available on the Internet. There are many websites to choose from, some of which are more goddess friendly than others.

If you Google vibrators and sex toys, more than two million options come up, many of which are sponsored links that feel safer (to me) than non sponsored links. In general, I approach non sponsored links (especially in the sexual arena) as if they were potentially cootie laden.

One of my favorite retail locations in cyberspace for vibrators and sex toys is In addition to a well stocked inventory of adult toys and games, the easy-to-understand details and product descriptions make shopping a piece of cake even for the novice. New visitors to the site should note the How To's & Other Sex Information tab. Included therein is user friendly information on How to Use a Vibrator, How to Find Your G Spot, How to Spice Up Your Sex Life, and more.

There are four Babeland store locations, three in New York City and one in Seattle. Going into an adult toy store can be overwhelming; there’s so much to choose from. Sales associates are knowledgeable about the products and will be helpful with the selection process if subtle guidance is requested.

If you’re lucky enough to live within traveling distance to a Babeland store, the plentiful events sound quite interesting. There’s a Babeland Brunch Series, another for Medical Professionals, and workshops galore. Also available on the website are resources for Babeland parties, kind of like Tupperware but more fun.

Vibrators and sex toys can be enjoyed solo or with a lover. If intimate partners have no appreciation for this genre, many toys are small enough to hide away in a lingerie drawer or other private place.

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